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A Social Media Headhunter

How can you use Facebook to hire? Is Twitter a sales tool? Can LinkedIn help your business grow? Those are just some of the questions that Jim Durbin of the Class of 1995 is answering through his firm, Durbin Media, which explores all the ways companies can deploy social media. And Jim deploys plenty of social media tools himself.  On Social Media Headhunter, for instance, he aims to match people who have become adept in the ways of social media with companies that want to use these tools.Then there is his brandstorming site, where Jim blogs about social media issues and has a series of DVDs that are designed to help companies understand, for instance, the differences between Facebook and MySpace or between MySpace and LinkedIn when it comes to making connections.And there’s yet another blog, stlrecruiting.com, which is specific to employment information specific to the St. Louis area.  To be a better idea just what a social media headhunter is or does, check out Jim’s LinkedIn site.