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Campus and Community

From Volunteering to Mountaineering
Whether they were doing service work in Birmingham, touring firms in NYC, or climbing an ice-encrusted mountain in New Hampshire, Washington and Lee students made the most of Washington Break.
Distinctly Dubyuhnell

In Case You Missed It

Meet the ‘Mayor’ of the Upper-Division Village
Diana Banks, ‘17, fills us in on her actual title (although we are just going to run with “mayor”), the hot tub situation over there, and the awesome sense of community that makes the Upper Division Village a pretty sweet place to call home.
wluLex Reports
Engineering Opportunity
Angel Vela de la Garza Evia ’18 and Walker Brand ’18 built assistive technology to help the employees at Rockbridge Area Occupational Center do the jobs they love.
Distinctly Dubyuhnell