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Cooking (and Thinking) with Brys Stephens

What are you craving? That’s what Washington and Lee alumnus Brys Stephens of the Class of 1995 wants you to ask yourself when you go to the Web to search for a recipe. Brys and a longtime friend Chip Brantley are the creators of the Web site, Cookthink. As they explain, “We wanted to create a cleaner, smarter recipe website, something with consistently good recipes, more efficient search, better resources and friendly advice.” So if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking to cook, Cookthink lets you search by categories like mood (eg, hangover-friendly), ingredient (eg, chicken), cuisine (eg, Tex-Mex) and dish type (eg, quesadilla).  In an article in the Birmingham News about Cookthink, Brys explained that he had completed a clerkship with a judge in Washington, D.C., when he talked with friends who had started an Internet company, and he decided to try one with food as the theme. Try out the site but don’t miss the blog where Brys and his partner post on everything from how to cook fresh shrimp to such unusual recipes as Savory Parmesan Quinoa Cakes.