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Let Them Eat … the Colonnade

You never know what you’ll might find on Facebook — like not one, but two wedding cakes in the shape of the Colonnade. Sarah Dozier of the Class of 2007 had posted pictures of the wedding of her classmates, Hartley Meric and Blair Crunk, which was held in New Orleans on April 4. Prominent in several of the pictures was a cake that is a dead ringer for the Colonnade. When Sarah was contacted to talk about the cake, she replied that she’d been to two weddings that feature Colonnade cakes. In addition to the Crunks’ ceremony, the Colonnade was also memorialized in cake at the wedding of Megan Hunt and Joel Carter, also both Class of 2007, which was held in Sea Island, Ga., on April 18. Sarah notes that both couples first met and started dating at W&L. There’s apparently a trend afoot when it comes to Colonnade cakes. Have a look: