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They'll Miss Him in Miami

Readers of the Miami Herald’s business section have probably gotten accustomed to seeing Joel Poelhuis’s by-line this summer. Joel, who is from Evansville, Ind., starts his senior year as a journalism major at W&L this fall. At the Herald since June, he has written about everything from the “Cash-for-Clunkers” program to a Miami hot dog king’s plans for a reality TV show. Talk about hands-on: Joel’s had about three dozen or so by-lines this summer, and he and fellow Herald intern, Clifford Marks of Harvard, were paid a nice compliment in an editor’s note this week when Jane Woodridge, the executive business editor, noted that they’ve brought “hard work, determination and fresh prisms to the many stories they’ve written.” It’s fun to see the variety of stories that Joel has written. You can find an index of his stories here.