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Why W&L Law: Building Valuable Relationships with Sandra Makeen Sandra Makeen '25L is originally from Egypt. She received her undergraduate degree from NYU.

My “Aha!” moment in deciding to come was speaking to a 3L who had just graduated. And he mentioned that he was about to run to a dinner that one of his professors was hosting. And after speaking to other friends that I have that are in law school, none of them have ever mentioned that they were going to their professor’s [house] for dinner. And that was kind of one of my biggest “Aha!” moments, just knowing that these professors build valuable relationships with you. And they’re not just scary figures in class, but they actually care about you as a person and care about your development in the classroom and outside of the classroom. And that was really one of the biggest deciding factors for me. If I were speaking to a prospective student, I would describe W&L Law to them—in the best way—like camp. You spend a lot of time with your friends. You’re surrounded by beautiful nature. You get to have a lot of fun in the process, even though you’re studying a lot.