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Why W&L Law: Support and Mentorship with Hussain Cheema Hussain Cheema '25L is an international student from Pakistan.

As an international student, the most important thing for me has been having support around you. Since I’ve been here, I can’t even count how many mentors I’ve gotten. I’m part of the Asian Pacific Law Students Association. I got a mentor from there. I’m a part of the First-generation Student Union. I got a mentor from there. We get two Kirgis fellows assigned to us when we join law school. So there are so many people out there to help your over here. Like if you’re coming from a different country, if you’re coming from a different culture, a different environment, the people out here, are actually trying to make that transition easier for you. And what I really like about the process is that those people are actual students at the law school. So they understand what academic tensions you’re feeling while at the same time trying to help you assimilate into the environment, assimilate into the law school. So that for me has been a huge factor.