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Snapshot: February 20, 2017

Judging by the extended forecast, some of the best weather to be found during February break might be found right here in little ole Lexington. At least three days this week are currently scheduled to top 70 degrees, with several other days just missing that mark. If the forecast holds (which we know is improbable but what the heck), Old Man Winter will have taken temporary leave of our campus along with most of the student body. Don’t hurry back, old man.

With a lot of folks off for Feb break, the W&L campus will be pretty quiet. But here are a few notices. Please notice them.

Monday: Starting today, the upper section of the Corral parking lot (closest to the Red House building) will be closed to accommodate the construction/renovation project at the Red House. This area will remain closed for several weeks.

Tuesday: Weight Watchers will host an Inspire Event to motivate employees with personal success stories and practical tools. New members who attend and join Weight Watchers will be eligible to receive a free gifts worth $70. For more information, email Anne Remington or Montrose Grandberry.

Sunday: First-year General Sasha Edwards is putting together a spoken-word performance for Black History Month that will tell the story of several black female historical figures, some more well-known than others. Each figure in “A Tribute to African-American Women” will be portrayed by a different W&L student. Stackhouse Theater, 5-7 p.m.

Art Exhibit: “Remembering the Lost: Community Response to the Theft of Nepal’s Sacred Sulptures” is currently on exhibit in Wilson Hall’s Staniar Gallery. In this project, artist and researcher Joy Lynn Davis documents community response to the theft of sacred stone sculptures from the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal through paintings, photographs, interviews, and research. Check gallery hours before you go. A related lecture will take place March 3 at 8 p.m. in the concert hall.

With the weather looking nice for now, plan to root for W&L teams at one of several sporting events this week. They include women’s tennis (Tuesday), men’s tennis (Wednesday, Sunday), baseball (Saturday, Sunday) and women’s lacrosse (also Saturday). See the schedule here.

This weekend is Admitted Student Open House Weekend. If you see our guests roaming the campus, greet them with that trademark W&L hospitality.

Have a great week!