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55,000 Words — At Least

If the old adage is right (and who could ever argue the point) that a picture is worth all those words, then the Center for International Education has exceeded the word allotment on its Web site these days with four different slides shows displaying photographs that Washington and Lee students took during their various journeys around the world a year ago. These images, shown in rotation on a large screen TV set, comprised a dazzling display in the Leyburn Library earlier this semester. Now all of you who missed it live in Leyburn have an opportunity to view Grant Russell’s “Namibian Sunrise” and Kyle Simon’s “Outback Camel” and Kelsey Wright’s “Quijote’s Giants,” to name just three of the images. Here’s the deal: there were so many strong images that rather than create one long slide show, they’ve been divided into four smaller ones. Currently they’re in rotation on the Center for International Education page, so you’re never sure which ones you’re going to see when you go there. But as faithful readers of the What’s News blog, you get a break. All four are going to be linked below. Give them all a look; you’ll be glad you did.

W&L Study Abroad Photo Exhibit 1

W&L Study Abroad Photo Exhibit 2

W&L Study Abroad Photo Exhibit 3

W&L Study Abroad Photo Exhibit 4

Once you’ve seen them, do us a favor and come back here and tell us which image or images you liked best in the comment section of this blog post.