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The Path to Learning

A team of Washington and Lee engineering majors is designing and building a walking trail for children served by Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center’s Lexington location.

Language and Life Lessons in Chile

Alex Meilech '18 spent the summer in Santiago, Chile, learning the language, exploring the culture, and caring for the people of the country.

Open for Business

A grant from the Endeavor Foundation allowed Yoko Koyama '19 and Maren Lundgren '18 to open a store in Cameroon that will fund transportation for local children to go to middle school in a neighboring town.

Interest STEMs from Fun

With a Davis Projects for Peace grant, Angel Vela de la Garza Evia ’18 created an educational summer program for children in his hometown of Monterrey, Mexico. [With time-lapse VIDEO]

Engineering Solutions for Amputees

Matt Lubas '18 spent the summer in Zacapa, Guatamala, working at a prosthetic clinic for the Range of Motion Project.

In Case You Missed It

Adding Up the Research

Anukriti Shrestha '19 has found an intersection of mathematics, computer science and research — all in the heart of Lexington.

From Volunteering to Mountaineering

Whether they were doing service work in Birmingham, touring firms in NYC, or climbing an ice-encrusted mountain in New Hampshire, Washington and Lee students made the most of Washington Break.

Catching Waves

Jamie Hayes ’17 spent two summer months in New Zealand, where he conducted research that could eventually help to improve the diagnosis of gastrointestinal ailments.

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