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Summer Opportunity

Oh, the Places They Went!

Whether doing research on campus or traveling across the world for internships and projects, W&L students made the most of summer 2017. In the new year, we invite you to take a look back at everything they accomplished.

Connecting the Dots of the Liberal Arts

Monica Musgrave '18 is already double-majoring, but that didn't stop her from spending six-weeks in England studying two completely different subjects.

In the Belly of the Beast

Skyler T. Zunk ’19 was an intern at the White House's Office of Political Affairs.

Researching Beyond the Library

The best place to research your thesis? Some would say the library, but for Jacqueline Moruzzi '18 that place is the Cambridge University's Medieval Studies Summer Program.

Healthcare and Community in Ecuador

Jackson Roberts '19 had the opportunity to intern in Quito, Ecuador, exploring local customs, becoming part of the community, and learning the ins and outs of healthcare.

In Case You Missed It

Persistent in Pursuit of Answers

Kathryn E. Young '19 got a Reynolds Business Scholarship that allowed her to intern at her hometown newspaper, the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Big Stories in the Small City

As a general assignment intern at The Roanoke Times, Rachel Hicks '19 learned how to be firm with difficult sources.

Small Company, Big Internship

Marta Regn ’19 used her internship to throughly explore all aspects of a sustainable, ethical jewelry startup.

The Art of Movement

A three-month internship with New York-based artist Taryn Simon presented Sara Dotterer '18 with myriad possibilities for her future career.

Better Business in Boston

Katrina Lewis' business reporting internship took her to the Boston Business Journal, where she covered real estate news and development.

Funding Hope in Memphis

Vicky Kazmierczak '18 spent the summer in Memphis, learning the ins and outs of non-profit work — and how to hope.

A Study of Song

A grant from the Endeavor Foundation allowed Xiaoxia Yin '20 and Sesha Carrier '20 to study traditional folk singing in China.

‘Grateful Every Step of the Way’

Over 1,200 miles of biking and hiking trails led Ralston Hartness '18 from Spain to Ireland, discovering the meaning of pilgrimage along the way.

Language and Life Lessons in Chile

Alex Meilech '18 spent the summer in Santiago, Chile, learning the language, exploring the culture, and caring for the people of the country.

Art in the City

Mandy Witherspoon ’18 combined her love of art with her expertise in business at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Summer at Oxford

Danielle Hughson's honors thesis will be focused on male editorial control and how it affects female writers, within a familial and patriarchal context.

Energized by Research

A grant from the Endeavor Foundation allowed engineering students Alfred Rwagaju '18 and Kennedy Gibson-Wynn '18 to spend the summer studying hydroelectric power in Rwanda.

Open for Business

A grant from the Endeavor Foundation allowed Yoko Koyama '19 and Maren Lundgren '18 to open a store in Cameroon that will fund transportation for local children to go to middle school in a neighboring town.

Down By the River

Over the summer, students worked with Professor Robert Humston to examine the potential effects of smallmouth bass on native brook trout populations in the Virginia watershed.

Adventures in the Alaskan Wilderness

As a summer counselor with the nonprofit Camp Fire Alaska, Chase Wonderlic '18 got in touch with his inner child and his adventurous spirit.

‘Like Our Souls Were Shaking Hands’

A grant from the Endeavor Foundation sent Trang Duong '20 and Hannah Denham '20 to Vietnam, where they had enlightening interviews with both men and women about marriage in modern Vietnamese society.

Interest STEMs from Fun

With a Davis Projects for Peace grant, Angel Vela de la Garza Evia ’18 created an educational summer program for children in his hometown of Monterrey, Mexico. [With time-lapse VIDEO]

Visiting George at Home

Anna Milewski '18 has spent time in fields, labs, carpenter shops and seminar rooms - and it was all part of one internship at the home of George Washington.

Engineering Solutions for Amputees

Matt Lubas '18 spent the summer in Zacapa, Guatamala, working at a prosthetic clinic for the Range of Motion Project.

It’s All Greek to Her

Hannah Palmatary '18 spent the summer discovering the ancient ruins of Greece, as well as her own talent and passion for creative writing.

Empowering Youth to Be Leaders

Lorena Hernandez Barcena '19 had an eye-opening summer internship with Harlem Children’s Zone, an education nonprofit in New York.

Cultivating a Social Media Presence

Elora Fucigna '19 completed an internship in social media and marketing for Ground Floor Farm, an urban farm in her hometown of Stuart, Florida.

Greeting Opportunity with Open Arms

Shadowing doctors in Peru allowed Bryan D'Ostroph '19 to practice his Spanish and firm up future career plans in health care.

‘An Active Participant in Solutions’

Through the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty, Tyra Barrett '18 interned at the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers in New Jersey.

All Up In Wilmington’s Business

Elly Cosgrove '19 stayed busy this summer with internships at the Greater Wilmington Business Journal and WECT (Channel 6).

Health Care Fieldwork in South Africa

Through the U.Va. Field School for Public Health Research, Julie Sklar '18 was able to work with a medical anthropologist and epidemiologist in South Africa this summer.

Marketing in Motion Pictures

Daisy Norwood-Kelly '18 worked in marketing research for Paramount Pictures over the summer.

Speaking with Confidence

Julia Poppenberg '19 spent the summer as a translator in Guatemala, helping doctors and patients alike and learning to "talk strong."

Focus on the Environment

Ellen Kanzinger's summer internship allowed her to work on films for the nonprofit GroundTruth Project in Boston, Massachusetts.

Adding Up the Research

Anukriti Shrestha '19 has found an intersection of mathematics, computer science and research — all in the heart of Lexington.

The Call of the Wildebeest

Jack Miller '19 has spent his summer in the bush of South Africa, learning about wildlife and conservation - and having a few close calls in the field.

Chasing History’s Mysteries

This summer, Allison Jue '20 dove into the books to learn more about the relationship between Queen Elizabeth I and the second Earl of Essex.

The Sound of Music

Professor Chris Dobbins and Ben Whedon ’18 are reviving a forgotten musical score for its 21st-century premiere by the W&L Orchestra.

Going With the Flow

Will Schirmer ’20 investigates the fluid dynamics of periodic water surges.

A Special Summer in Special Collections

Chandler Wickers '18 has spent her summer as a researcher in Special Collections, where she has been exposed to fascinating materials and learned how professors and students can take greater advantage of the collection.

The Railway in German Literature

Ben Schaeffer '18 is working with German professor Paul Youngman on a project involving references to the railway in German literature.

‘These Spaces They Imagined’

Joelle Simeu '20 is working this summer on "The Politics and Poetics of Space in the Works of Martin Luther King Jr. and Leopold Senghor," a project with Professor Mohamed Kamara.

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