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W&L Outcomes: Riwaj Shrestha ’22 Shrestha worked with the Office of Career and Professional Development at W&L to "engineer" the perfect career after graduation.

Riwaj-Shrestha-400x600 W&L Outcomes: Riwaj Shrestha '22Riwaj Shrestha ’22

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Post-Grad Plans: Consulting Analyst at World Wide Technology in St. Louis
Industry: Tech Consulting
Areas of Study: Engineering, Entrepreneurship

“View college as a means to confirm which career paths are dead ends for you.”

Q: How did your career plans evolve over the course of your time at W&L?

Growing up, I always loved building structures and machines, so studying engineering at W&L was the natural next transition. Over time, I became more curious about how the prototypes and models I built turned into products. I started taking some business classes to satiate that burning question. I began enjoying the creativity and critical thinking that solving business problems requires. Taking various STEM and non-STEM classes at W&L helped me better understand what I enjoy: understanding complex issues and executing creative solutions to solve them. After researching career possibilities, I decided that the consulting industry would fit me best.

Q: How did Career Development support you and which resources did you find most helpful?

The Office of Career and Professional Development (CPD) was my north star guiding me into my professional home. The CPD office supported me throughout my job process journey, from helping me understand what my values are to helping me negotiate my salary.

During the interview season, I devoted time and energy to perfecting my behavioral answers and correcting all of the technical questions. I learned the best way to do that was by doing one-on-one mock interviews with career advisors and career fellows. Being a better interviewer is an iterative process, and I saw myself getting more skilled with every feedback I received from mock interview sessions.

Q: What career-related advice would you give to next year’s graduating class?

View college as a means to confirm which career paths are dead ends for you. The best way to make that confirmation is to take a class about it!

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