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A New Production of “Hair”? No, It’s the Moustache Society

Members of the campus community may have noticed that some of their male colleagues, student, staff and faculty alike, are sporting a new crop of facial hair. That’s unusual for this warm time of year—it can get hot underneath all that fuzz—but it’s a tradition, and it’s for a good cause: The annual fund-raiser for Project Horizon.

Project Horizon, a Rockbridge County organization, helps women and children who are dealing with domestic violence. The members of the society grow a moustache for a few weeks, and in return accept donations for Project Horizon from their colleagues. They also raise awareness for the organization in a fun and visible way.

The leader of this year’s effort is John Grigsby ’12. He’s a peer counselor and a member of One in Four, a student organization devoted to preventing sexual misconduct. This fund-raiser will help Project Horizon underwrite educational outreach, amenities for clients and daily operations.

The deadline for donations is next Wednesday, May 12. To make your donation, send cash or a check (made out to “Washington and Lee University,” with “Moustache Society” in the memo line) to one of the temporarily (or maybe not) hirsute members listed below. Organizer Grigsby can be reached at grigsbyj12@mail.wlu.edu.

  • Scott Diamond ’13
  • James Dick, director of campus recreation
  • Peter Ervin ’11L
  • Eric Gehman ’12
  • Eric Hamscher ’11
  • Anthony Kirby ’13
  • Daniel Kramer, assistant professor of German
  • Simon Levy, associate professor of computer science
  • Alexander Newell ’11
  • Benjamin Oddo ’12
  • Rome Perlman ’10
  • Jason Rodocker, director of the Elrod University Commons and Campus Activities
  • Alex Sturges ’12
  • Adrian Tapia ’11
  • Robert Uhlman ’12