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A Thanksgiving Memory from Stacy Morrison '90

As you’re flipping through the November issue of “Martha Stewart Living” magazine, reading the advice about wine, pie, turkey and  leftovers, don’t miss the last page. There you will find an essay, “Home Is Where the Art Is,” by Washington and Lee alumna Stacy Morrison, of the Class of 1990.

Stacy is the former editor of “Redbook” magazine and the author of a well-reviewed 2010 memoir, Falling Apart in One Piece, about her divorce. We blogged about the book when it came out; you can read that here. Her “Martha Stewart Living” essay describes a Thanksgiving during that tumultuous time, and how she found solace in two creative pursuits: painting the bedroom of her new apartment while also preparing a feast for her family.

“The first turkey I’d ever roasted came out perfect,” writes Stacy in the essay. Looking at her freshly painted bedroom, “the satisfaction I felt ran deeper than I could have imagined.”

The essay isn’t online, but you can read more about Stacy at her website.

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