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All About Interns

Today begins a three-day series of “dispatches from a busy summer” in which students in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications report on their internships.

What’s impressive is to consider the places where the W&L interns spent their time over the summer. Consider the range: CNN’s Washington bureau, The Tennessean in Nashville, the Northern Neck News in Warsaw, Va., William Morris in New York City, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Las Vegas.

The 16 students will make their reports beginning at 5 p.m. today and continuing at the same time on Tuesday and Wednesday in Reid Hall 111. It’s bound to be interesting. (The list is below.)

And speaking of internships, W&L senior Annelise Madison, whose experience has been on the homepage of the University’s website for the last week or so, was featured prominently in a Bloomberg News story last week.

The piece described how Annelise had completed three internships, from researching a book on an early U.S. president, to teaching in Ghana, and then, this past summer, working with the Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution in Orange, Va.

Annelise told Bloomberg: “People are really utilizing their summers to gain experiences. Not only do they have more options in terms of people that will hire them, but they also know more what they want to do.”

The Bloomberg story got wide distribution nationally, including translation into Spanish for EXAME.com.

Dispatches from a Busy Summer

Monday, Sept. 30 — 5 p.m.

Laura Lindsay Tatum — CNN (Washington, D.C.)
Happy Carlock — US News (Washington, D.C.)
Andy Soergel — The Roanoke Times
Andrea Owen — The Chronicle Project (Austin, Texas)
Allison Swagler — Alabama Power Company (Birmingham, Ala.)
Virginia Terry — William Morris (New York City)

Tuesday, Oct. 1 — 5 p.m.

Logan Nardo — Davidson Media (Richmond, VA)
Margaret Voelzke — Northern Neck News (Warsaw, Va.)
Michael Gorman — The Richmond Times-Dispatch
Chelsea Gilman — Fingerprint PR (New York City)
Drew Carlos — Barkley Russell Agency (Fairburn, Ga.)

Wednesday, Oct. 2 — 4 p.m.

Sara Korash-Schiff — The Republican (Springfield, Mass.)
Kathleen Fitzgerald — Civic Entertainment (New York City)
Hailey Hartley — Ultimate Fighting Championship (Las Vegas)
Hamlet Fort — The Tennessean (Nashville)
Julia Lancaster — Porsche-North America (Atlanta)