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Aly Colón to Lead Online Discussion Sponsored by LACOL

Aly-Colon-150x150 Aly Colón to Lead Online Discussion Sponsored by LACOLAly Colón

News consumers today face a flood of fake news and alternative information. Washington and Lee University students, faculty, staff and alumni are encouraged to participate in this timely online meet-up with Aly Colón, Knight Professor of Ethics in Journalism at W&L, to explore forces of change in the new media landscape as we become responsible for deciding how we filter what’s news and what’s not.

In this 1.5 hour session on April 4 at 3 p.m., Professor Colón will frame the conversation with historical examples and point to emerging trends in the digital age of news where Velocity + Volume = Volatility. As an ethical agent of journalism, how can you cultivate a mindset of open inquiry and deepen your capacities to handle challenging or uncomfortable views, especially in online settings?

The session will be interactive with ample opportunity for questions and discussion with participants in the web forum.

This discussion is sponsored by the Liberal Arts Consortium for Online Learning (LACOL). The event is a fully online, interactive web conference via Zoom. Register online at LACOL.net.