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Anika Maan ’24L Takes Leadership Role at National Law Student Organization As Content Director for NASALSA, Maan is getting a chance to network with South Asian lawyers and advance the organization's mission.

anikamaan-800x533 Anika Maan '24L Takes Leadership Role at National Law Student OrganizationAnika Maan ’24L

Anika Maan ’24L grew up in Loudoun County, Virginia and received a Bachelor of Science from George Mason University. As a 1L at W&L Law, Anika is the 1L Representative for the International Law Society, competed on the BLSA Mock Trial Team, and is involved in APALSA, WLSO, BLSA, OutLaw, Antitrust Consumer Law Society, and the Student Library Advisory Committee.  

What is the mission of NASALSA? 

NASALSA is the North American South Asian Law Students Association, which is the umbrella organization of the South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA), an affinity group present in many law schools across North America. We are dedicated to creating a strong community amongst South Asian law students and legal professionals in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, we are partnered with the South Asian Bar Association (SABA) and work closely alongside SABA to foster an expansive network.

How did you become involved in the organization? 

Unfortunately, there is not a SALSA chapter at W&L Law, nor are there enough South Asians to start a chapter, so a W&L Law alumna directed me towards the NASALSA board to find a greater South Asian legal community. NASALSA showcases the breadth of the legal network throughout both the United States and Canada, and as a first-generation law student, I am thoroughly lucky to have found a community that helps me navigate law school.

What is your role with the organization? 

I am currently the Content Director; I completed the overhaul and redesign of our website and currently help manage other promotional and content materials.

How does this work fit into your future plans? 

As a part of NASALSA, I have access to attorneys, mentors, and professors who are also navigating the legal system. The events and conversations had within this network are unparalleled and indicative of the career I am about to embark on, which provides me with many learning opportunities. Furthermore, this network is a space to converse on legal issues and the South Asian experience at large.