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Annual LEAD Banquet Recognizes Leadership Across Campus

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Banquet was held March 13 at Washington and Lee University and was an evening of celebration. It recognized the many individual and student accomplishments that have been completed within the past year.

“The LEAD Banquet continues to bring together members of our community in celebration of the meaningful work happening across campus,” said Megan Hobbs, assistant dean of students and dean of sophomores.

“It’s time to showcase the efforts and impact of our dedicated campus leaders, and it’s a time to thank advisors and students alike for their commitment to student engagement, personal development and continued mentorship. The true spirit of the Washington and Lee experience lies within the influence made by our students and the banquet reminds us of all that goes on, on an annual basis.

“I would like to also publicly recognize Bailey Russell ’16 and Armani Smith ’16, who have been committed to the banquet and its mission since the revitalization of the event in 2014. They have been the co-chairs for all three banquet events, collaborating with each other and the other committee members. I’ve had a wonderful run with them and they truly have made the hours behind the scenes way more fun! We will miss them as we move forward with planning for 2017 in the fall; however, I am confident the returning committee members have learned a lot from the example they have set.”

The LEAD Banquet awards and the 2016 recipients are:

Nabors Service League Award for Volunteerism: Chloe Doto
Recognizing a student who demonstrates a commitment to their community through innovative service.

Best Service Event: Diversity Day
Recognizing the campus group or specific event that proved to be impactful by engaging and educating a significant number of volunteers and created a meaningful difference for the population served — whether locally or in another community.

Excellence in Artistic Event Management (Lenfest Center for the Arts): Gabriela Collado and Richard Snyder

Outstanding Philanthropic Effort: Relay for Life
Recognizing the student organization/chapter whose philanthropic efforts have made the most impact on our campus while supporting a local/national/global cause. The most funds raised per capita and the most innovative way of raising those funds is a factor in selection.

Outstanding Peer Counselor:  Hannah Gilmore and Thomas Cain

Outstanding Residential Adviser (New): Ralston Hartness

Outstanding Residential Adviser (Returning): Aalekhya Tenali

Distinguished Summer Work:  Melina Knabe and Kate Sarfert
Recognizing a student’s summer work experience/research that best exemplifies Washington and Lee’s values of service, leadership, and character.

Emerging Leader of the Year:  MaKayla Lorick
Recognizing a student that is passionate about leadership education and its practice. This student should bring innovative ideas to the table and exude a high level of commitment to empowering other student leaders.

Christopher Noland Student Activities Leadership Award:  Melina Knabe
Recognizing a student whose leadership has been most impactful during the past academic year.

Greek Man of the Year:  Chris Ahn
Recognizing a Greek man making the greatest and most positive impact on the fraternity and sorority system during the past academic year.

Greek Woman of the Year:  Megan Axelrod
Recognizing a Greek woman making the greatest and most positive impact on the fraternity and sorority system during the past academic year.

Chapter of the Year:  Chi Psi Fraternity
Recognizing the Greek chapter that best embodies W&L’s ideals of honor, integrity, and civility. The Greek governing councils select the recipient of this award.

The G. Holbrook Barber Scholarship Award:  Elliot Emadian
Honoring a rising senior (current junior) who manifests superior qualities of helpfulness and friendliness to fellow students, public spirit, scholarship and personal character.

The Decade Award: Kassie Scott
Recognizing a rising junior (current sophomore) who has shown involvement and leadership within the W&L academic and extracurricular communities and who has furthered discussions of women’s issues on campus and beyond.

The Edward Lee Pinney Prize:  Paqui Toscano, Matt Carl
Awarded by the Student Affairs Committee to an undergraduate student who demonstrates extraordinary commitment to personal scholarship and to the nurturing of intellectual life at Washington and Lee.

Anece F. McCloud Excellence in Diversity:  Ijezie Ikwuezunma
Recognizing a senior undergraduate student whose efforts have done the most to bring a greater awareness and competence of diversity on campus.

Best Event of the Year:  Mock Convention
Recognizing the event that best impacted Washington and Lee during the current academic year.

Not Unmindful of a Sustainable Future Award:  Sequyoa Bua-lam and Maya Epelbaum
Recognizing a student who leads sustainability efforts either for the W&L campus or for our global community.

Greenest Group Award:  Slow Food W&L
Recognizing the student organization or student-led event that has made an impact towards sustainability related efforts either on W&L campus or in our global community.

Adviser of the Year: Kelsey Goodwin
Recognizing a campus adviser that goes above and beyond in their efforts to support student initiatives, foster relationships, and provide opportunities for new experiences.

John W. Elrod General of the Year:  Lainey Johnson
Recognizing a student who has brought the most depth and breadth to the University during the past academic year.

Best Student Organization (Americus White Award):  Friday Underground
Recognizing the student organization that has shown excellence in leadership, management, and programmatic efforts. Allocation of funds is a factor in selection.

The Frank J. Gilliam Award: Matt Carl
Recognizing a student who has made the greatest contribution to the Division of Student Affairs.

Larry Stuart Memorial Award:  Skyler Zunk
Recognizing a student who exemplifies Public Safety Senior Sergeant Larry Stuart’s character and commitment to the community.

The Alexander Thomas Boehling ’10 Memorial Award:  Myers McGarry
Honoring a senior for his or her campus leadership.

Best Student Composition of the Year: Paqui Toscano

The Third Generation Student Achievement Award: Max Garrett and Julianne Campbell