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Antonia LoLordo to be Keynote Speaker at Locke Workshop

Antonia LoLordo, associate professor in the Corcoran Department of Philosophy at the University of Virginia, is the keynote speaker for the Locke Workshop at Washington and Lee University and will give a public lecture on Friday, Oct. 26, at 4 p.m. in Northen Auditorium in Leyburn Library.

The title of LoLordo’s talk is “Three Problems in Locke’s Ontology of Substance and Mode.”  It will examine how John Locke’s distinction between substance and modes is crucial for understanding the possibility of knowledge in ethics sand mathematics. LoLordo finds three problems in Locke’s theory and the possibility of solutions to these problems.

LoLordo is the author of Locke’s Moral Man (2012) and Pierre Gassendi and the Birth of Early Modern Philosophy (2007; paperback 2009). She is also editing two books and has written or co-edited over 12 journal articles and over five reviews. Her area of main research interest and specialization is early modern philosophy.

LoLordo was a visiting fellow at Mansfield College, Oxford, during Trinity term 2007, received UVa Summer Research Grants for five summers and received the UVa Sesquicentennial Fellowship during 2006-2007, among other grants. She has been a reviewer for nine journals including American Philosophical Quarterly, Canadian Journal of Philosophy and Journal of the History of Philosophy, and various publishers, conferences and seminars.

She received her B.A. from McGill University, her M.A. from Dalhousie University and her Ph.D. from Rutgers University.

The Locke Workshop was organized by the Philosophy Department at W&L.

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