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Around the World They Go

Prepare to be envious. Late last month two Washington and Lee law graduates — Kara McDonald, Class of 2002, and Damien DeLaney, Class of 2003 — embarked on a year-long round-the-world journey, and they’re sharing their travels via a blog titled Running Towards. Kara and Damien (they’re married, and he’s the son of W&L history professor of Ted DeLaney) were living in Santa Monica and working as attorneys in Los Angeles when they decided to leave their jobs and head out on their adventure. As of this past Sunday, April 5, they were in Ireland, visiting the Ring of Kerry. Their preliminary itinerary, posted in January, listed 31 countries and their plans were to spend two weeks to a month in each one. The best way to navigate the blog is to use the calendar and to start on Jan. 11 and go forward. One particularly poignant post is “Ode to a Good Bug,” which is the story of their sale of thier lime green VW convertible bug called Russell Sprout. They wound up selling it to CarMax, which Damien and Kara describe as “roughly the equivalent of taking your car to the pound.” Anyway, enjoy all of the posts, and be sure to stay tuned to Running Towards.