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At Home on Campus: David Galvez ’22 David Gálvez's favorite places on campus are the Global Discovery Laboratories and a special study corner in the library.

Post-11-Home-David-Galvez-400x600 At Home on Campus: David Galvez ’22David Gálvez ’22

Q: Where is your home on campus?

The activities that have been most meaningful to me outside the classroom are those that relate to education. From working as an interpreter and a translator with ESOL to mentoring other students in languages, including English, French and Spanish, with Language for Rockbridge or Peer Tutoring programs, most of my experiences at Washington and Lee have led me to want to become a teacher someday.

Interestingly enough, I have found my home in the Global Discovery Laboratories. It’s there where, since first year, I have been learning about pedagogical methods and theories, and education policies, in addition to learning languages, such as French, Spanish and Arabic. One of my favorite spots is room 126 because of its large windows that allow for natural light and show a view to the nature of Lexington. Since I’m almost always there, I dare to say that the room feels as if it is my own personal office space.

As you can imagine, another meaningful activity I believe to be important to my life outside the classroom is my engagement with the local community. The most active volunteering I do at this moment is help prepare for CARE Rockbridge’s MLK Day Community Parade with my friend, Maya Hernandez, and other board members of the nonprofit organization.

Though the pandemic disrupted my addiction to this specific place, the nook in front of Special Collections, underneath the stairs of the main floor of the library, has been a cozy spot for me throughout the years. Rossella Gabrielle introduced me to it as a freshman, and now it feels as if it is common for me to dedicate hours there. At the least, I take a simple nap, and at the most, I pull an all-nighter. It’s so familiar to me that I know when people move things around in there. That’s when I know someone has invaded my home without my permission. Haha!