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Best Dressed Alums?

When Vanity Fair published its 2009 International Best-Dressed List this month, Washington and Lee folks might have expected that at least one prominent University alumnus might be among those chosen for their stylish couture. But they might not have guessed which alumnus that might be. In fact, it’s not the man in the white suit. Fear not, however, Tom Wolfe is actually a member of the International Best-Dressed Hall of Fame, having been elected in 1984. But this year the W&L representative is 81-year-old artist Cy Twombly. You can find his photo and description on page 16 of the online gallery (apparently that doesn’t mean he’s 16th on the list following President Obama who is on page 15). The magazine list his personal style as “rumpled artist” and lists is signature look at “blue-and-white-striped shirts with linen or flannel pants and custom-made jackets.” And for the record, Tom Wolfe is also present in the same Vanity Fair issue, having contributed the article, “The Rich Have Feelings, Too,” which is on page 312 of the print version but does not appear online. You’ll find some watercolors depicting Mr. Wolfe on an airpline to accompany his piece about rejoining commercial fliers.