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Big Dog, Best Boss

Mike Wienick is called “Big Dog” by many of his employees at QualitySmith.com in Portland, Ore. Now they can call Mike something else — “Portland’s Best Boss.”

A 2002 graduate of Washington and Lee, where he majored in computer science, Mike is president of QualitySmith.com, a website that connects homeowners with contractors. In celebration of National Bosses Day earlier this month, the Portland-based newspaper Willamette Week asked its readers to nominate bosses and chose the best based on the responses.

According to the article on the winning entries, nine members of Mike’s 14-person marketing team contributed rave reviews. One read:

A year and a half ago, the future of the company was unsure, and losing money daily. Mike was hired as the sole member of the marketing team and turned it around—we now have 14 employees and counting, and Mike has been promoted to the president of the company.

Another nomination noted that Mike allows his employees to bring dogs to the office, play Halo, ride razor scooters, watch TV and have pizza parties. No wonder the photo of Mike accompanying the story shows him surrounded by his marketing team armed with game-console controllers.

Before he became the “Big Dog” at QualitySmith, Mike had developed internet marketing campaigns for several businesses and had launched an e-commerce company, which he sold in 2009.

Congratulations to the Big Dog.

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