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Blogging Blair

If you’re not a journalist, you may not be familiar with the name Jim Romenesko. A senior online reporter with the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. His daily email newsletter is a must-read for journalists since it dishes all the hottest information about what’s happening in the business. That’s why it’s such a feather in the caps of Washington and Lee senior journalism major¬†Cameron Steele and 2009 journalism graduate Becky Bratu that Romenesko carried a big mention of their blog, Commonwealth Chronicle. Cameron and Becky started the blog because they wanted an outlet to write about things like transportation and education. They also want to showcase their journalism ability to prospective employers. So when Romenesko cited their blog entry about last weekend’s visit to W&L by former New York Times journalist Jayson Blair, it was no small victory. If you missed it, Blair, who resigned in disgrace from the Times in 2003 for plagiarism, was the keynote speaker at the Journalism Ethics Symposium. His presence had generated quite a bit of attention in advance. You can listen to what he said here and watch his speech on YouTube. But Cameron and Becky not only offered an in-depth account of the event but they also posted a video interview that Cameron had with Blair. Good stuff, as the mention in Romenesko attests.