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Blue Lab Brewers on WMRA

When Bill Hamilton, associate professor of biology, and Tom Lovell, Class of 1991 and associate director of alumni affairs, appeared on WMRA radio last month to talk about their Lexington micro-brewery, Blue Lab Brewing, the show on which they appeared hadn’t even been given a name yet. It was being called “The Not Yet Named News Show.”

Now that the weekly one-hour talk show has been christened “The Spark,” the brewers’ appearance makes perfect sense. According to host and producer Martha Woodroof, the idea is to showcase people who follow their passion.

Bill and Tom were certainly following their passion when they opened their brewery almost a year ago. The wide-ranging interview included everything from the brewing process to how they came up with the name, Blue Lab. The answer to the name? Blue combines the Blue Ridge Mountains and W&L’s colors, and lab combines Bill’s biology background and the Labrador Retrievers that both the brewers owned.

Have a listen to the show:

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