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Career Paths: Imani Hutty ’15L

Imani Hutty ’15L, from Philadelphia, PA, is a graduate of Temple University. He was a member of the Black Law Students Association Mock Trial team that won a national championship at the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial competition. Following graduation, he will work for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

imanihutty Career Paths: Imani Hutty '15LImani Hutty ’15L

Why are you interested in a career in criminal law?

I came to law school because I wanted to use my legal education to benefit my community. There is no doubt that criminal law impacts our communities and society on many different levels. I am attracted to prosecution because I believe that a prosecutor’s role is to ascertain the truth and seek justice. I hope to bring a fair and balanced perspective to the criminal justice system.

What/who were you most influential classes/professors related to that interest?  

My mock trial coach Professor Belmont helped me to cultivate a deeper understanding of the Federal Rules of Evidence. She also helped me to improve my advocacy skills as well as my courtroom presence. Additionally, it was my experience in Professor King’s Criminal Procedure and Evidence classes that were influential in helping me to decide to pursue a career in criminal law.

Where will you be working following graduation?

In September, I will join the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney. I plan to focus on white-collar crimes and cyber crimes. I am excited to begin my legal career.

In what ways did the school help with your job search and success?

The Office of Career Strategy (OCS) assisted with my travel to attend the National Black Prosecutor’s Association Job Fair in Phoenix, Arizona last July. I interviewed with about eleven district attorney’s offices from all over the country. This gave me invaluable interviewing experience. I had my initial interview with the Manhattan DA’s Office there and developed a rapport with my interviewer. I believe this helped me standout from the thousands of applications that the office receives. I ended up interviewing with the Manhattan DA’s Office on four different occasions. I also interviewed with the Philadelphia, Bronx, and Long Island DA’s Offices on numerous occasions as well. OCS also provided invaluable financial assistance to aid my travels from Lexington to New York on the many trips that I took in the fall. The process was arduous, but with perseverance and OCS’s support, I was fortunate to receive an offer from District Attorney Vance shortly before Christmas.