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Career Paths: Rachel Rossetti ’11L As Senior Corporate Counsel at UKG Inc., Rachel Rosetti works on a wide variety of data privacy, data protection, and data security matters.

Rachel (Vargo) Rossetti ’11L is Senior Corporate Counsel at UKG Inc. (formerly known as The Ultimate Software Group, Inc.), a human capital management software-as-a-service company. She is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, where she started her legal career as in-house counsel for a technology distribution company after graduating from W&L. In 2013 she moved to South Florida. At UKG, she works on a variety of data privacy and security legal matters, including GDPR and CCPA, as well as various commercial contract matters, including customer, vendor, and partner contracts.  She has a B.A. in Political Science from the Univeristy of Notre Dame.

IMG_1440-2-206x350 Career Paths: Rachel Rossetti '11LRachel Rossetti ’11L

Did you know coming into law school that you wanted to work in-house?

When starting law school, I knew that working in-house might be a career path that I would like to pursue. My mother is a retired General Counsel and in-house attorney for a life insurance company so I knew, from seeing her experience as an in-house attorney, what an exciting and interesting career path working as an in-house attorney could provide. However, I was open to exploring all options for my legal career as I began law school. In fact, I interned with a governmental agency, a corporation, and a law firm during my time in law school in order to get some perspective on three very different potential career paths.

What have you done since graduation to lead up to your current job?

After graduation from W&L and passing the bar exam, I started my first legal job as in-house counsel for a technology distribution company. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to intern for the company during my second summer in law school and to receive a job offer from them after graduation. This first position laid the foundation for my career as in-house counsel. I learned the basics of in-house legal work and how to work with various internal business stakeholders in the company.  After the company was acquired by another technology distribution company, I was transferred to the acquiring company’s South Florida office. There, I took on a role as Compliance Manger & Counsel and worked on legal compliance issues for the company.

How did you find your current job?

As part of a job search for a new position, I actually stumbled upon a posting for an in-house counsel position with UKG on LinkedIn.  The job description was exactly what I was looking for and it aligned with my legal experience.  After interviewing for the position, I knew that the company, the position, and the legal team were all a perfect fit for me. I was lucky enough to offered the job.

What sort of legal issues do you handle on a day-to-day basis?

As an in-house attorney, I handle a variety of issues on a daily basis. One of the best parts of in-house work is that the issues you encounter change often, which keeps the work interesting and engaging. In general, I handle a wide variety of data privacy, data protection, and data security matters along with various contractual matters and I work closely with our operations and business teams.

What do you like about your current job?

I LOVE my current job! I work for an incredible company and with a close-knit group of smart, engaging, and fun attorneys. I enjoy the variety of matters and issues that come across my desk each day, and I enjoy advising and working closely with the company’s business teams to ensure that they are able to meet their goals in a way that mitigates risk and protects the company.

Which W&L classes and/or experiences do you think were most helpful in preparing you for this job?

My business law related classes were very helpful. They provided me with a foundational understanding of the corporate world. But all of my classes and experiences at W&L were important in helping me learn how to spot issues, identify areas of risk, and develop solutions to complex legal matters while working as a team with colleagues.

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