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Checking for Concussions: Michael Singer ’84

Football season is almost upon us, and with athletes taking to the field for pre-season practice, the talk has turned to concussions.

The Washington Post reports that a Bethesda-based technology company, BrainScope has received $500k from the NFL and General Electric to keep working on its portable concussion-assessment system. With this new generation of simple-to-use, non-invasive instruments, medical professionals will be able rapidly and objectively provide meaningful information to aid in the assessment of brain function at the initial point of care.

Michael Singer, president and CEO of BrainScope, is a 1984 graduate of Washington and Lee University. The funds will be used to conduct more studies at the high school level. The $500k “allows us to develop this technology, which could be fielded in a whole array of venues, starting in high schools, colleges and ultimately in professional sports leagues,” he said.

As noted in the Washington Post, the long-term consequences of concern traumatic brain injury is a growing public health issue for both athletes and combat veterans.

Michael has been with BrainScope for six years and has previously worked for Revolution Health Investments, Data Critical, Microsoft Corp., Wolfensohn & Co., Montgomery Securities, Alex. Brown and Union Bank.