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Construction Projects Necessitate Parking Adjustments on the W&L Campus Effective Aug. 7, parking in Nelson Street lot will serve only student vehicles with an “RS” permit designation.

Washington and Lee University is embarking on an exciting time with several construction projects either underway or set to begin this fall. Each project involves varied time frames for completion, but W&L community members should be advised that construction activities will be shaping the campus experience for a considerable period of time.

In support of these projects, W&L faculty, staff and students must be prepared for mild disruptions to their typical walking, driving and parking routines. Clear and consistent signage will direct community members where they can safely proceed, but everyone should be aware that construction equipment and workers will be a daily presence on campus.

One substantial project is the upcoming demolition of Baker and Davis Halls, and the subsequent construction of a new Williams School on Washington Street. Work for this project will force the closure of vehicular traffic on Early-Fielding Way, while reducing parking in the areas surrounding Washington and Nelson Streets. Beginning Aug. 7, the university-owned parking lot on Nelson Street located between St. Patrick’s Church and the Chi Psi Fraternity will be limited exclusively to students whose parking tags have the “RS” designation. Faculty, staff and some students accustomed to using this lot will need to adjust their vehicle parking to available spaces located in the University Parking Garage and the Corral Parking Lot, which is accessed from Jefferson Street, as well as other spaces located throughout campus.

Additionally, campus community members should be advised that W&L Public Safety will be strictly enforcing the 15-minute parking spaces on campus. A major focus will be placed on the 15-minute spaces located on East Denny Circle, which are a convenient and speedy option for students to load/unload items and make brief stops at Woods Creek Apartments between classes. Vehicles that remain in these areas for more than 15 minutes will be subject to ticketing or will be towed at the owner’s expense. With construction projects taking place along East Denny Circle, this stretch has become a high-traffic area and the roadways must be kept reasonably clear to ensure the safety of campus community members and construction workers.

Appropriate signage will be installed in each of the affected areas to alert users of any parking restrictions. The support of W&L faculty, staff and students in adapting to these minor inconveniences is appreciated. Questions about the new campus parking arrangements should be directed to publicsafety@wlu.edu. This email address is monitored 24/7 to support the campus community.