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Divorcing Gracefully

M. Marcy Jones, a 1995 alumna of the Washington and Lee School of Law, has become a leading proponent of  graceful divorces. She knows that that very phrase is apt to be greeted with rolled eyes. Here’s what she wrote on a recent blog: “When most people hear the words “graceful” and “divorce” in the same sentence, they think to themselves, ‘Yah, right!'” But, in that same blog entry, she goes on to offer an example of what she means — i.e., Sandra Bullock’s divorce from ex-husband Jesse James.

Marcy, who practices in Lynchburg, was divorced and had young children at home when she entered W&L. Since graduating, she has worked as a prosecutor of sexual assault and domestic violence cases, an associate in a law firm, and now as a solo practitioner specializing in “collaborative divorce law.”

In February, Marcy published , which is designed to offer “practical and compassionate solutions for achieving a better divorce process.”

In addition to her law practice, Marcy also does coaching and consulting, specializing in helping women lawyers find a work-life balance. Check out Marcy’s websites — one is for her legal practice and includes links to her blogs and several interesting articles; the other is for her consulting business.

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