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Economics and The Hunger Games

Alexandra Scaggs, a 2009 graduate of Washington and Lee, got some Internet airtime this week to discuss the potential economic impact of the much-ballyhooed movie, The Hunger Games, which opens today.

Alexandra joined Dow Jones Newswire as a reporter in January. Her work can often be found on the Wall Street Journal’s Marketbeat blog, where she co-authored a piece on  on Thursday.

She also appeared on the WSJ’s Lunch Break video to discuss the impact the movie is apt to have on movie theater stocks. Watch her appearance here.

Prior to joining Dow Jones, Alexandra had spent two years reporting on investment decisions of large institutions such as pensions, endowments and foundations as well as on trends and personalities in asset management and institutional investment consulting for Institutional Investor.

You can read Alexandra’s recent pieces on the Journal’s site here. And you can follow her on Twitter at @alexandrascaggs.

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