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Mock Con Sustainability Efforts Continue With Dress Exchange The Presidential Gala Dress Exchange allowed students to buy and sell formal dresses to wear to the event.

In anticipation of the Presidential Gala on Nov. 9, Mock Con is continuing its sustainability efforts. To this end, the organization held the Presidential Gala Dress Exchange, where students had the opportunity to buy and sell formal dresses to wear to the Gala.

On Oct. 7 and 8, students browsed dresses in Elrod Commons. If they liked one, they paid the owner of the dress through Venmo. Sustainability Chair Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons ‘21 said that the purpose of the dress drive was to reduce the impact the Presidential Gala on the environment.

“Mock Con is acutely aware of the environmental effects associated with large-scale events such as the President[ial] Gala and Convention Weekend. In terms of the exchange, students may consume responsibly without sacrificing taste, personal style, or their finances,” she said.

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