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Food Savers

The Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee is nothing if not resourceful. Take, for instance, what CKWL coordinator Jenny Sproul did back in August when she received a donation of chicken feet. Rather than turning up her nose at the unusual gift, Jenny learned how to make chicken stock out of the feet. More recently, CKWL has joined with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank to establish a partnership with the Lexington Walmart.  Starting in September and working with Walmart through a national food bank called Feeding America, CKWL has been recovering food that Walmart would have ordinarily thrown out. During the first month alone, CKWL was able to recover 4,187 pounds of food from Walmart that would have gone to waste, including dairy as well as dry grocery products. Students working with CKWL pick up food from Walmart three times a week and, because of this increase in donations, the group is now helping to support several area food pantries. Meantime, during September, the Campus Kitchen served 1,487 meals and also began working with the Rockbridge Area Free Clinic to provide health meals for a diabetes education class.