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From Banking to Building

According to a post on his blog, “The Georgian Revival,” Wright Marshall had intended to become either an investment banker or a lawyer when he entered Washington and Lee in 1991. But today Wright is an advertisement for the value of a liberal arts education. Although he majored in business administration at W&L, Wright  said that he took every architectural history course he could get at W&L and also did an independent study on the Colonial Revival style in Georgia. His blog entry about the Atlanta architecture firm of Frazier and Rodin, which was designing Colonial Revival style homes in Atlanta between 1926 and 1939, cites that W&L project. But Wright’s interest is no longer academic. He is the founder and owner of Revival Construction, which takes as its mission “to build beautiful homes and lasting relationships, focusing on classically designed whole-house renovations and additions to houses built before WWII in the in-town areas of Atlanta.” The firm was received a Regional Contractor of the Year Award for the Southeast region for Residential Historic Renovation and Restoration in 2008 from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for a whole house renovation. Coincidentally, three of he homes that Revival Construction has renovated were originally designed by the Frazier and Rodin firm that Wright first studied at W&L.