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In Depth: Summer Research at W&L

Each year, W&L students and faculty have opportunities for joint research work during the summer months through the Summer Research Scholars (SRS) program. The program has evolved over the decades into a robust series of opportunities and projects, consisting primarily of two types: assisting a professor in research, or carrying out a student-planned project under the supervision of a professor. The application process is competitive. The supported work is carried out during the summer months.

Students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) area research submit their applications online between November 15 and December 3. Their applications are evaluated by the STEM selection faculty and, if approved, are assigned to the appropriate funding source and project. Read the STEM summer research project descriptions.

All other Summer Research Scholar applications (including those for STEM faculty that do not go through the earlier STEM selection process) are submitted by the faculty member, who nominates up to two students for the summer research project. Nominees must have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.0. These applications are due no later than January 30th.

The Robert E. Lee Research Fund was established in 1960 through a gift from the late Dr. Gustavus Benz Capito, an 1899 graduate of Washington and Lee. Additional support has come from various sources, including the Christian A. Johnson Foundation and the E.A. Morris Foundation. Most recipients are known as Summer Research Scholars; several outstanding students in the sciences will be designated Christian A. Johnson Scholars.