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Law Alum Speaks Out About Stutter

Eddie Neufville, a 2003 graduate of Washington and Lee’s School of Law, describes what it’s like to live with a stutter during an interview that aired on the NBC Nightly News this week.

“You feel a knot in your stomach and you feel like your chest is very compressed and your heart is racing,” is the way Eddie characterized his feelings when faced with speaking aloud.

The interview was part of a segment on a new motion picture, “The King’s Speech,” in which actor Colin Firth plays King George VI, who struggled with a stutter. Eddie was also interviewed on a segment of Fox News.

Originally from Liberia, Eddie is an Olympic runner who represented his country in the 1996 Games. He passed up a chance to run in the 2000 Olympics in order to attend law school. He is the founder of The MoraisNeufville Law Firm in Silver Spring, Md. The firm specializes in complex immigration litigation matters before U.S. federal and immigration courts. One of the cases that Eddie handled involved a Cameroon native who fled torture in his own country. That case was featured in a story in the Washington Post earlier this year.

In addition to watching Eddie on the Nightly News spot, you can view this extended, web-only interview:

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