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Law Faculty Scholarship Update – May 11, 2017

parellakish-150x150 Law Faculty Scholarship Update – May 11, 2017Prof. Kish Parella

Prof. Kish Parella placed her article “Reputational Regulation” in the Duke Law Journal. It will be published next year. The paper was selected through a blind selection process for presentation at the 2017 Stanford/Harvard/Yale Junior Faculty Forum.  The Forum’s objective is to encourage the work of scholars recently appointed to a tenure-track position by providing experience in the pursuit of scholarship and the nature of the scholarly exchange.

Prof. Parella teaches courses at the intersection of law and business, including contracts, international business transactions, and corporate social responsibility. Her research is in international economic law, with a focus on the cross-border regulation of corporations and other non-state actors.

russ_miller-150x150 Law Faculty Scholarship Update – May 11, 2017Prof. Russ Miller

Four years on, the cultural differences between Europe and the United States exposed by Edward Snowden’s disclosures of NSA surveillance programs still loom large in transatlantic relations. Last month, the Hoover Institution’s National Security, Technology and Law Working Group, along with Hoover’s Washington, DC office discussed “Privacy and Power:  A Transatlantic Dialogue in the Shadow of the NSA-Affair,” a new book by W&L Law professor Russ Miller.

Benjamin Wittes (Hoover working group member and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution), Miller and Prof. Ralf Poscher (professor of law at  University of Freiberg) discussed fundamental differences in the way that Americans and Europeans approach the issues of privacy and intelligence-gathering.

A podcast of the event is available at LawFare, a blog devoted to discussions of national security concerns and interactions with the nation’s laws and legal institutions.

humargaret-150x150 Law Faculty Scholarship Update – May 11, 2017Prof. Margaret Hu

Prof. Margaret Hu placed three articles during this spring submission cycle, including “Orwell’s 1984 and the Fourth Amendment Nonintrusion Test” in the Washington Law Review, “Algorithmic Jim Crow and Extreme Vetting” on the Travel Ban-Refugee Ban Executive Order in the Fordham Law Review, and “Crimmigration-Counterterrorism” in the Wisconsin Law Review.

Prof. Hu’s research interests include the intersection of immigration policy, national security, cybersurveillance, and civil rights. Most recently, she has focused her work on the government use of big data collected by the private sector.

seamanchris-150x150 Law Faculty Scholarship Update – May 11, 2017Prof. Chris Seaman

Prof. Chris Seaman has published a new article in the Washington Law Review.  The article, “Patent Injunctions on Appeal:  An Empirical Study of the Federal Circuit’s Application of eBay” (with co-author Prof. Ryan T. Holte), appears in volume 92 of the journal. This article represents the first comprehensive empirical study of permanent injunction decisions by the Federal Circuit following the eBay decision.

Prof. Seaman specializes in Intellectual Property and Patent Law and also has a strong interest in Election Law.

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