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Life of an Oyster

The liner notes on David Klabo’s CD, Life of an Oyster, describe the music as “a kaleidoscope of a journey through different moments when we are falling in and then falling out of love.”

David, a 1989 alumnus of Washington and Lee, goes on to list some of his favorite musicians, writers and songwriters, who make “subtle and not so subtle appearances” in the music. They include everyone from The Police to Miles Davis, Buddy Holly to Oscar Wilde.

In the liner notes, David refers to a Homecoming weekend in either 1987 or 1988, when he and Scott Hamilton, of the Class of 1990, didn’t have dates and spent the weekend in the basement of the Sigma Nu house recording an instrumental that they called “Homecoming Weekend.” Scott plays drums, does some engineering and co-produces several of the tracks.

You can learn more about the CD, listen to some of the songs, and buy it on David’s website, which includes a blog where he discusses the music’s creation: davidklabo.com. There’s also a Facebook page to connect with him and his music.

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