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Listening to the Newspaper

Bruce Rider of the Class of 1966 is an inveterate letter-to-the-editor writer. And he gets published a lot. Until recently, it wasn’t always easy for Bruce to read his own letters once they were printed, because of his deteriorating eyesight as the result of damaged retinas. But now that Bruce has an Amazon Kindle, he just lets the device read the paper to him — including his own letters. A feature story in the Grapevine (Texas) newspaper reported Bruce’s experience with the Kindle and also described some other ways in which Bruce has been able to adjust over the years, including personal readers and a closed-circuit television system. But the Kindle’s voice feature has been a major advancement for Bruce, who told the newspaper: “Every morning I turn on the Kindle, and within 30 seconds I have the New York Times — every word.”

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