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Live from Lexington

As part of our effort to expand Washington and Lee’s commitment to lifelong learning, we are increasing the availability of live webcasts campus events throughout the year.

This summer, keynote lectures from the University’s award-winning Alumni College have been offered for the first time, providing viewers around the world a chance to share at least a small part of the experience.

The fifth and final Alumni College lectures was shown live on Tuesday, July 23, when Mark Stoler, editor of the Marshall Papers, addresses “George C. Marshall: The Education of a General.”

If you can’t watch these events live, most of the presentations are archived for later viewing. That includes many of the major University events from throughout the year — convocations and commencements, as well as such special events such as the annual Lessons and Carols from Lee Chapel and a State of the University conversation with President Ken Ruscio.

To see the schedule of upcoming events and to watch archives, bookmark our Livestream page: http://go.wlu.edu/live/

Our commitment to live webcasts includes the Generals’ athletics. In partnership with First Team Broadcasting, we are pleased to present a full schedule of men’s and women’s events. The season begins on Aug. 30 when field hockey hosts Johns Hopkins. For the First Team schedule, bookmark http://go.wlu.edu/firstteam.

Finally, the School of Law often has live webcasts of its events and maintains a significant presence on YouTube where many of those presentations reside. The YouTube channel is at http://www.youtube.com/wlulaw.

Since we want to provide the programming that our viewers want, please fill out a survey that will allow us to continue to improve our live offerings. Take the survey below: