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Major Campus Construction Projects to Begin March 2

Construction work on the new “village” housing, natatorium and Liberty Hall playing fields is scheduled to begin March 2, requiring long-term access road and parking lot closures around Wilson, Watt and Artificial Turf fields and the Upper Tennis Courts.

The closures, required for construction material staging areas and equipment access will primarily affect first-year students with parking assignments and athletes, coaches, spectators and visiting teams going to practices and games. But existing parking for University Facilities employees also will be temporarily displaced.

University project managers, working with construction contractors, are asking everyone on campus to pardon the inconvenience and stay out of work and storage sites as the transformation of the western end of the campus takes place through summer 2016. Upon completion, the area will have new paved parking areas to serve residences and athletic fields.

Beginning March 2, the parking lot adjacent to the Artificial Turf Field will be closed, and up to half of the paved parking between the Liberty Hall and Watt fields will be closed. The access road running from West Denny Circle, past Watt and the “turf” field, to Wilson Field also will be closed for the duration.

New temporary parking around Duchossois Tennis Center will accommodate displaced first-year students and University Facilities employees. A temporary lighted path and steps will provide foot access from Wilson Field to the turf, Watt and Liberty Hall fields.

Additional temporary parking for athletes and spectators will be designated in currently open field areas along West Denny Circle. Athletes and spectators going to Wilson Field will be asked to use the parking deck in the central campus and follow the footbridges and Frank Parsons Way to access Wilson Field and the Upper Tennis Courts.

W&L Public Safety is scheduling meetings with all groups affected by the closings to review parking and access alternatives. First-year students who currently park in the lot adjacent to the Liberty Hall Fields have been asked to move their cars to other parking areas before leaving campus for spring break.