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Meet a Colleague: Haley Culbertson ‘22 Haley Culbertson ‘22 serves as coordinator for the Johnson Program.

Haley-Culbertson-scaled-600x400 Meet a Colleague: Haley Culbertson ‘22Haley Culbertson, Johnson Program coordinator

Q. How long have you worked at W&L?
I will be going on two years in a few months!

Q. What do you like most about working at W&L?
Helping turn goals into reality. As the program coordinator for the Johnson Program, I get to not only work with an incredible scholarship program, but also opportunity grants, which allow students to travel the world doing exactly what they’re interested in.

Q. Where is your favorite location on the W&L campus?
Wood’s Creek/Penial Farms/Maury River – I was an earth and environmental geoscience major and learned so much while on back campus and around the nearby rivers. It’s also where I still love to spend a lot of my free time when the weather’s warm.

Q. Where did you grow up?
I was a military brat and grew up in California, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Montana and North Carolina. However, I think of my hometown as Kingsport, Tennessee.

Q. What advice do you have for students?
W&L can feel like a bubble. Try to get out of that bubble and connect with the Rockbridge community. I’ve met some of the coolest, most interesting people through getting involved with Habitat for Humanity and other local organizations.

Q. What is the most adventurous thing that you have ever done?
My senior year, I had the opportunity to travel across the southwest for a Spring Term class with Lisa Greer, including rafting the entire Colorado River through the Grand Canyon for eight days. I’ve overcome a lot of challenges but during this trip, I pushed past limits I didn’t think were possible while getting to geek out at the best geology.

Q. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?
Trivia nights at Devil’s Backbone, Brew Ridge Taps and Straws. My fiancée and I are an unstoppable team!

Q. If you could live anywhere, where would you build your dream home?
I have wanted to live in Croatia for a long time because it’s so gorgeous and the lifestyle seems perfect for me. That being said, I graduated and was so in love with Lexington that I didn’t want to leave.

Q. Who most inspires you?
The Appalachians. I grew up in these mountains and love the landscape, people and culture. Making their lives better in any way is what I’m passionate about.

Q. What book are you reading now?
“Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison.

Q. What is the website you visit most often and why?
I visit the Wall Street Journal for current events and the daily crossword puzzle to stay sharp.

Q. Which historical figure do you most identify with and why?
Betty Freidan. I’m a strong advocate for women and relate to wanting to amplify women’s voices and share in their experiences.

Q. If you could have coffee with one person, who would it be and why?
I would choose Ted DeLaney. During my time as a student, I met many people who were impacted by him through classes, advising or just running into him, but I never had the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with him.

Q. What is your desert island food?
Potatoes. They’re so versatile and even without being stranded on an island, I could live on them.

Q. What is your secret talent?
I’m really good at Tetris, so I’m always the go to person for packing the car on long trips, etc.