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Meet a Colleague: Rachel Hubbard Rachel Hubbard is the Communication and Marketing Coordinator and has worked at W&L Law since February 2017.

rachelfam-800x533 Meet a Colleague: Rachel HubbardRachel Hubbard and family.

Rachel Hubbard is the Communication and Marketing Coordinator and has worked at W&L Law since February 2017.  Rachel is originally from Cincinnati, OH and attended college at Palm Beach Atlantic University in South Florida and graduate school in Dallas, TX while coaching Division II volleyball. She currently resides in Harrisonburg, VA with her husband, Charlie, who is the JMU Men’s Associate Head Soccer Coach (Go Dukes!) and her two-year-old son, Chay.

Q. Where is your favorite location on the W&L campus?
I have always loved walking the Woods Creek Trail and taking in all the natural beauty that surrounds W&L. It is also lovely because you are almost guaranteed to run into someone you know.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?
Going on adventures with Charlie and Chay, reading on my kindle, cycling or going on a run, thrifting with my mom (she runs an online eBay store!), and traveling (we have taken Chay to 20 states, 4 countries/3 continents, and are planning on another country this summer—he is the BEST travel buddy and finds any excuse to get out a suitcase to play airport).

Q. Book/Podcast/TV Show Recommendation
So many come to mind as I am an avid reader—highly recommend Goodreads if you are too! For nostalgia, I would recommend my favorite series, The Harry Potter Series. But instead of reading, listen to it being read by Jim Dale, he has a voice for each character and I can promise you that any road trip will instantly become more enjoyable listening to this! More recent recommendations: “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” by Gabrielle Zevin. If you have a gamer in your life (hi, dad!) but are not one yourself (I am terrible), this will give you insight into the game building world while also being immersed in a wonderful story. “Group: How one Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life” by Christie Tate. Truly a wonderful story that made me laugh, cry, and share the book with multiple people. For TV Shows: Severance…believe me, you have to watch it.

Q. Who inspires you?
So many people—I am truly blessed to be surrounded by intriguing and interesting people who inspire me every day to stretch myself and grow beyond my comfort zone. But to narrow it down, I would say my son, Chay, and my mother, Catherine. First, Chay is curious, adventurous, and leaves a positive impression on everyone he meets. His favorite sentence has been, “Why, mommy?” since he started talking and each day I get to explain the world to him. He inspires me to stay curious and notice the small things that as adults we often forget are actually amazing (like the moon coming out each night). Finally, my mom has always been the person I look up to most in my life. From writing speeches on Capitol Hill to homeschooling me for multiple years, she has always given her best to others and makes the act of learning exciting. Growing up I knew my mom was special, but now that I am a mother of a toddler, I often find myself reminiscing on all the special times we have had together and using her “sayings” throughout my day (ex: Remember, your mood is the best gift you can give to your children). My mom and I also just have a lot of fun together—from thrift store shopping, watching Broadway shows in NYC, and exploring the San Diego Zoo, she is one of my favorites to spend a day with.

Q. If you could have coffee or tea with one person, who would it be and why?
Julie Andrews—she’s had such an amazing and full life. She is well known in my household by Chay as “Miss Julie” and her “Raindrops on Roses” song saved me multiple times with diaper changes when Chay was a newborn.

Q. What is an accomplishment you are proud of?
My marriage to Charlie. Getting married at 19 and 20 years old meant that we not only will grow old together, but we have grown up together. I am fortunate to be married to someone sees me as his equal, encourages me to take on any challenge, and is my best friend. This summer will be 13 years married.

Q. Favorite food/restaurant/drink?
If you visit Harrisonburg, you have to try Taj of India (my go-to request when I choose dinner)! The Sunday lunch buffet is worth the drive.

Q. Most used/enjoyable app on your phone?
iMessage is my most used app—keeping up with friends and family is a huge life priority of mine. My most enjoyable app is called Whering—a digital wardrobe app that I update daily.

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