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Meet a Colleague: Wendy Rice Wendy Rice is the Sr. Administrative Assistant (Team Lead) for Faculty Services in the School of Law.

wendyrice-800x533 Meet a Colleague: Wendy Rice

Wendy Rice is the Sr. Administrative Assistant (Team Lead) for Faculty Services and has worked at W&L Law since 2007. She is originally from Pennsylvania, went to college in Virginia, moved to Ohio for ten years, then later returned to Virginia. Her career path has always involved working with students and faculty in the areas of Student Affairs, Residence Life, Admissions, Law Center, and now Faculty Services. Wendy has worked for three different universities in Virginia, while working in higher education. She currently resides in the Rockbridge County area with her husband, Chuck, who is a public-school teacher. Her four children have all moved out of the house within the past five years, making her an empty-nester. To be honest, she doesn’t like the empty nest.

Q. Where is your favorite location on the W&L campus? 
My favorite place on campus is on the Field-Side Patio. During the evenings in the summer months, after a walk around campus, I love sitting in the rocking chairs that overlook the football field. You can generally catch a cool breeze there and the sunsets are awesome. I find it very peaceful.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?
I love spending time with my family, whether it be family cookouts, shopping, cooking, or playing games. I also love training. I took a self-defense class four years ago which transitioned into studying Krav Maga, where I earned my white, yellow, and orange belts. I then transitioned into karate, where I earned my purple belt, but didn’t find it as enjoyable, so I am back training in Krav Maga.

Q. Book/Podcast/TV Show Recommendation?
This might sound a little nerdy, but I love listening to random Ted Talks. In regards to TV shows, I like the following: NCIS, The Blacklist (fast forwarding during some parts), New Amsterdam, and Madam Secretary.

Q. Who inspires you? 
All of the faculty in the Law School inspire me. Sometimes I just sit back in awe and wonder how I have been so lucky to work with such fascinating people. I learn something new from them every day.

Q. If you could have coffee or tea with one person, who would it be and why?
I would love to sit and have a glass of iced tea with my best friend Joyce who recently passed away after suffering from a long battle with leukemia. I would just love to hear her laugh again. We had great fun together and I miss her every day.

Q. What is an accomplishment you are proud of?
Some may think accomplishments come in rewards, degrees, and trophies, but I feel that my greatest accomplishment that I am most proud of is raising our four kids.

  • My oldest daughter, Lauren, is part of an open-heart surgical team and works at a hospital in Winston-Salem, NC. She worked through the pandemic and is a medical hero.
  • My second daughter, Alexis, is a Special Education elementary school teacher in Campbell County, VA. She is currently working on her Master’s in Education. She has the gift of teaching.
  • My son, Christian, has an Art degree and is working on building his portfolio. His specialties are screen printing and brand designs. He currently works in Chesapeake, VA, but may get into UI/UX app. designing. He’s also a great soccer player.
  • My youngest daughter, Alyssa, works in a corporate immigration law firm in Reston, VA. She is considering getting her JD or Master’s degree and would like to work as an asylum/immigration attorney or be a professor. She advocates for Social Justice and is a defender of the weak.

Q. Favorite food/restaurant/drink?
I love all breakfast foods. My most favorite breakfast place to eat is called Ted’s Bulletin. It is located in the Mosaic District in Northern Virginia, near Fairfax. They have cinnamon rolls that are as big as your face. I literally dream of these cinnamon rolls. They are amazing!

Q. Most used/enjoyable app on your phone?
Most enjoyable app on my phone is the Pinterest app. I love that I can go on there and search up any recipe, fitness routine, and décor idea. Pinterest offers free on-line classes, as well, and I love listening to lectures on all different topics.

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