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Mike Allen '86, One of the Powers That Be

Mike Allen got a raise. While we don’t know what that member of the Washington and Lee Class of 1986 pulls down as the reporter who writes Politico’s “Playbook” (the “must-read briefing on what’s driving the day in Washington,” according to Politico itself), we do know that Vanity Fair magazine boosted him to #19 in its list of 25 “Powers That Be” from #39 on last year’s “New Establishment.” The magazine publishes its list of influential figures each year.

“Allen’s audience is relatively small but extremely influential,” writes the magazine. The profile, which appears in the October issue, also mentions Mike’s friend Tom Brokaw and his first day off in 990 days.

“Having earned their place in the firmament,” writes VF, “the top 25 mandarins include titans of industry and media moguls—not to mention a smattering of comedians.” Keeping Mike company in “Powers That Be” are such luminaries as Rupert Murdoch (mega-publisher), Jon Stewart (TV satirist), Jill Abramson (New York Times editor), Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post founder) and Peter Jackson (director of “The Lord of the Rings.”). We blogged about Mike’s earlier “New Establishment” ranking exactly a year ago today.

In February, Mike took time from his hectic schedule to attend Mock Con on campus, co-moderating with CNBC’s Kelly Evans ’07 a debate between pundits Ann Coulter and James Carville. Wait, didn’t that count as a day off?

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