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Mitchell Awarded Fulbright to Teach in Ukraine

Phylissa Mitchell ‘01L, visiting assistant professor of journalism, has been awarded a Fulbright to teach at a university in Ukraine, although the exact institution has yet to be announced. Mitchell will teach a comparative course on free-press constitutional guarantees, focusing on broadcast writing and public affairs.

Mitchell says that the recurring question of whether freedom exists if there is no one there to freely report it, has always fascinated her. “After all,” says Mitchell, “the world knows about the Orange Revolution in 2004 because Ukrainian reporters utilized the internet to inform its people and the world about that tainted election. Because people were informed, they were outraged. Because they were outraged, they gathered. And because they gathered, the power structure was forced to concede.”

Brian Richardson, department head of journalism and mass communications, says Mitchell “brings a lively, engaging teaching style to the classroom that students respond to enthusiastically. We are delighted for her, and also for the students she will teach. She also brings her legal education and a wealth of experience as a journalist at all levels — from network television to community newspapers.”

Mitchell earned her J.D. at W&L in 2001 after years of producing news, working for ABC, NBC, CBS and KCTS-TV, as well as the PBS-affiliate in Seattle.