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Mock Con 2020: Seriously Sustainable For the first time in W&L Mock Convention's 111-year history, sustainability is a key part of the plan.

KRR_5151-800x533 Mock Con 2020: Seriously SustainableMock Con | File Photo

Washington and Lee University’s 27th Mock Convention is about more than just predicting the correct Democratic nominee. It is about getting it right in every facet, every step of the way.

For the first time in Mock Con history, this includes sustainability. Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons ’20 is the organization’s first Sustainability Chair. She is responsible for keeping the environment at the forefront of student leaders’ minds as they organize events for the Mock Con 2020 cycle.

“People in every department [are] forced to think about sustainability just by the existence of this new position,” said Fitzsimmons. “They’ll just come up to me and be really proud of what they’re doing like getting reused furniture… It’s great to see people in Mock Con celebrating these small acts of sustainability in their daily operations.”

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