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Moment in Time

Where were you at exactly 11 a.m. (EST), or 15:00 (UTC), on Sunday, May 2? Janet Ikeda, associate dean of the College at Washington and Lee, was at the University’s Japanese Tearoom at that moment. She had a camera, and the photograph she took became part of the New York Times’ Moment in Time project.

The Times had invited anyone and everyone to capture a “singular moment” and to see the images to its “Lens” page to create “a Web-built image of one moment in time across the world.”

The tearoom had been set up to celebrate a traditional Boys’ Day, a Japanese national holiday that is actually held on May 5 and is known now as Childrens’ Day. At W&L on this day and time, the University was also still celebrating alumni reunions. The photo that Janet submitted can be viewed by going to this link on the Moment in Time page.

If any readers of the What’s News blog had a photo displayed as part of the Times’ project, please send the URL and we’ll add it to this post.