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More on the Summer of BP

Earlier this month, we blogged about the stories that four Washington and Lee journalism interns — two seniors and two May graduates — have been reporting this summer on various aspects of the BP oil spill. We just found that they are not the only W&L journalists writing on the subject. There’s at least one more: Erika Bolstad, Class of 1995.

Erika is a regional correspondent with McClatchy Newspapers. She covers Washington for the Anchorage Daily News and the Idaho Statesman. She wrote McClatchy’s lead story on the spill yesterday, about the status of the operation to cap the well. But she also covered the BP hearings in Congress last month.

This isn’t Erika’s first disaster coverage. At the Miami Herald, she worked on Katrina stories. In addition, Erika’s reporting for the Statesman on the scandal involving former Idaho Sen. Larry Craig was a finalist for the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in the breaking-news category.

Thanks to Erika’s classmate Stacey Cofield, an associate professor in the department of biometrics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, for alerting us to the the news about Erika.

You can follow Erika’s reporting at the McClatchy website where her articles are catalogued, along with a brief bio.

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