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New Platform for Stacy Morrison '90

Readers of Stacy Morrison, former editor of Redbook and author of the 2010 memoir Falling Apart in One Piece, will be pleased to know that this member of Washington and Lee’s Class of 1990 has a new platform. This time it’s online rather than print — she is heading BlogHerMoms.com, an offshoot of BlogHer.com.

Stacy will have an impressive audience. According to a news story on “Fishbowl L.A.,”  a feature of MediaBistro.com, BlogHer.com’s “most recent stats peg monthly uniques at upwards of 26 million (!) and investors include GE/NBC’s Peacock Equity Fund.”

Stacy tells Fishbowl, “This is a thrilling conversation to join and shape, in the best women’s community on the web.”

We did our own blog about Stacy’s memoir when it was published; you can read it here.

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